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Sharing On Twitter?

  1. windows7wordpress

    Hey.I am new here, but I still have a question that I can't seem to find an answer too. Is there anyway to make it so that once I make a new blog post, it shows up on my Twitter?

  2. There are several approaches you can use:

    You can also place social bookmarks at the end of each of your posts and they will autopost you published blog link on twitter:

  3. I wanted to expand mine a bit more so I created my own toolbar. It is fairly simple once you understand how to pass information in the hyperlink, and find the right graphics.

    The code looks something like this:

    <br /> <table border="0"><col span="1"></col><br /> <tbody><br /> <tr><br /> <td><strong>Social Media Toolbar</strong></td><br /> </tr><br /> <tr><br /> <td><a title="Twitter" href=" Tip Create Social Media Toolbar by @1briannettles"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="Facebook" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="StumbledUpon" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="digg" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="reddit" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="Newsvine" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="Technorati" href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="Google" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="Plures Informatio - RSS" href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a><a title="Evernote" href=" Tip Social Media Toolbar"><img src="" alt="" /></a></td><br /> </tr><br /> </tbody><br /> </table><br />

  4. Hmm, doesn't quite look like the code fit the right way. You can still see how I did it by hitting the website. The site is probably the easiest thing to use but depends on how flexible you want the look and feel to be.

  5. Another alternative is hootsuite:
    <blobkquote> As with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress accounts. There is also a Home Feed for blogs you are following, as well as the ability to reblog posts you think are noteworthy.

  6. In order to display code on the forum you must place it between backticks. The backtick is found on the same key as the ~ on your keyboard but in lower case.


  7. I don't think the OP was asking so much about retweeting as tweeting, which may mean they're looking to publicize their posts on Twitter.

  8. I do it via Feedburner. Sign up for a Feedburner account, then enter the address of your blog. Then go > Publicize > Socialize / Share on Twitter, and enter your details.

    Remember to "Ping" Feedburner each time you make a blog post (this can be done by following the link at the bottom of the page. Otherwise it takes half-an-hour for your post to show up on Twitter.

    What happens is that the headline of the blogpost will show up as a Tweet with a link to the rest of the article. This is what my Twitter page looks like:

  9. If you use the Publicize option that justjennifer linked to (, then you can also alter the content of the tweet before it goes out, or switch it off for any posts you don't want to have posted out to Twitter.

    There's also a video on it here:

  10. Does someone know how to add a link to permit readers to publish the article they're reading on their Twitter account? A link like "tweet this", with the logo of Twitter for exemple.

  11. Thank you!

  12. You're welcome. :) Take not e that using the getsociallive bookmarks also provides readers with an opportunity to click a button and retweet your posts.

  13. Actually, there's something I don't get. If I use Get Social, where do I have to paste the html text provided? I tried to paste it at the end of my text, but the buttons with the different logos didn't appear, instead of that the html text was visible by readers.

  14. Here's a link to a step-by-step tutorial

    What you are describing means that you did not switch from the visual editor to the HTML editor and enter the code for the buttons there. If you had done that in the HTML editor then the buttons would have displayed, rather than the HTML code.

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