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    I noticed a ‘Share this’ bar was being automatically to the end of all posts and I am sure I’ve never see this option before (besides not visually noticing it I searched and only founds suggestions like manually adding links). Currently I’m manually an ‘addtoany’ link but it seems I don’t need to anymore.

    My question is how exactly do we add new service? For the sharing url do we just put the services url (i.e or do we have to put something more specific in? How do we add the variables to the sharing url?

    Also do we need to have our own accounts on these services or will the service re-post that article using that persons (the person who pushed the button) account?

    Appreciate any help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please try to collect all the discussion on the new Sharing Settings (you’re right, it wasn’t there before) in this thread:

    Twitter is included as a default service in the new options. To add something else, you use the Custom Services option, which asks you for additional information regarding the service.

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