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Sharing to Twitter twice

  1. I've had my blog linked up to a twitter account for a fair few months now, and everything was fine, but a few weeks ago it has started sharing twice, as in when I create a post and click share to send it to the accounts its linked to, two tweets happen instead of one. But they post different links, I don't know how to stop it, it's annoying me, nevermind those who follow. The tweets look like this:

    Oak Milk: Reverse Robberies

    Oak Milk: Reverse Robberies

    Some allow to view Summary, or Photo but some don't, I haven't done anything that I can think of to make this happen. Any Ideas?

    The Twitter is here if it helps to see what I mean:

  2. Hmm, that's definitely strange. Could you please try disconnecting Twitter and then reconnecting it, following the steps described here:

  3. Also, for reference, sharing only happens once to Facebook, is that correct?

    And I also wanted to let you know that you can edit your Twitter account to delete the duplicate tweets - simply hover over the redundant tweet when logged in and press the "Delete" link.

  4. Hi sorry not been online for a few days, I will try disconnecting the twitter and reconnecting again and see if that changes anything, I know I can delete the duplicate message but it's a pain when I dont stay logged into the account it posts to lol

  5. Sure, let me know the results of the connect/disconnect and I'll help you troubleshoot further if the problem persists.

  6. I've just updated and It's still doing it even though I have disconnected and reconnected it

  7. I'm sorry reconnecting did not help. I'm looking into this further for you, thanks for you patience.

  8. Do you have any other service linked to your Twitter or Facebook account that automatically publishes your Facebook posts to Twitter?

  9. I have it linked to facebook, tumblr and twitter, but I dont think i set up the facebook to share to twitter, but I cant find anything on there to say it does either

  10. Could you please test it: publish an update on your Facebook page that is not content coming from, and see if it becomes automatically publicized on Twitter? The links hint at the possibility that the content is coming from Facebook for the duplicates.

  11. Damn it is sharing from Facebook too, but I cant find the bit to unlink it

  12. Found it! Ta

  13. Glad that it's resolved now, thanks for letting us know!

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