Sharing with thumbnails (à la Facebook) on WP (not self-hosted)

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    I would like to be able to share a link from another website (eg. New York Times) as a blog post, and have a thumbnail appear, as well as the title and link to the article – the way it works on Facebook. I’m using Twenty Ten as a theme. I’m not self-hosting my blog, so I can’t install plug-ins, I guess – but it there some way to activate this feature? Perhaps using a different theme? I’ve noticed the Snap Shot feature, which is nice, but I’d really like to have an article’s thumbnail automatically appear in my blog post (without having to do all the work of grabbing a graphic and uploading it myself).

    I apologize if this has been asked and dealt with – I searched but couldn’t find an answer.


    The blog I need help with is



    What you are after is re-blogging. WordPress.Com allows you to do that automatically now if the blog you want to reblog is in WordPress.Com – read this post – We All Like to Reblog



    The only mean I know of for sharing snippets and links of posts on Facebook are these and whether or not they include images is unknown to me:



    Thanks to arcadate and timethief, but what I want to “re-post” on my own WP blog isn’t necessarily WP blog material, but rather content from other sources – like articles in the NY Times – so that it looks like what I post on my FB wall ie. with thumbnails. But it seems that all I can post in my WP blog is a straight link to an article on another website. Too bad :-( Or is there someone out there who knows a workaround?



    Yes, you just do this the long way. Or you use the Press This bookmarklet, which you add to your browser. It’s not up-to-date, and you have to do the thumbnail by hand, but you can do it.

    I really do think, though, that what you’re after is a Tumblr, not a blog, which is optimized for original content instead of reblogging as you’ve noticed.



    You can try to turn a web clip into an image and generate an image url at Kwout.

    It’s not fully automatic, like, you still have to choose which portion you want to reblog. But the image generated will be automatically hosted, linked to the original post and also the original post title comes as a text link to the original post beneath the image.

    If you make a small-size image, it can look like thumbnails. Actually I am using this technique often myself and I quite like it.

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