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Shelfari book widget

  1. musingsfromtheacademy

    Can anyone tell me how to add the Shelfari book widget to my sidebar?

  2. Until we can see the code it uses we cannot give a "yes" or "no" answer. So can you provide a link to the widget?

  3. My understanding it is a widget generated with flash and would not make it past the security filters here at, so I don't think it can be done.


  4. What is this widget? I saw the word 'book' and got excited. :p

  5. It is a widget to show books in your sidebar with photos and such, but is generated with flash. Their site makes no mention of one for blogs or simple HTML, but maybe if you request it from them, they might even think about it.


  6. ooOoooh. -excites- It would be ace to have something like that because right now, I just have a simple page for book reviews.

  7. musingsfromtheacademy

    Yes, it does use Flash. Here the code I was given <div id="shelfariFlashcontent">This plugin requires Adobe Flash 9.</div><script src=",username=astevens,width=325,height=465,shelftype=user,booksize=large,alpha=0,bgcolor=FFFFFF/flashwidget.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>

  8. @ weirdscience
    There is also a "librarything" widget that has been requested

    Both are javascript and/or flash and that's why we can't use them at this time.

  9. musingsfromtheacademy

    This is another option for the code <embed width="325" height="465" src="" wmode="transparent"FlashVars="UserName=astevens

  10. I am afraid that 'embeds' are also stripped out. Afraid not....


  11. All Flash and embeds are stripped out here at for security reasons. Because we share the guts of our blogs, a vulnerability introduced by one blogger would effect all people using the same template. That's a big risk, so staff has to tighten things up and that's why we can't have these files, which are risky.

    If they have an HTML only version of the widget, we could use that. You might email them and request it, because then all blogs could use it.

  12. I would LOVE a Shelfari widget!!!

  13. Tell it to staff. The forums are not the best way to communicate with them.

  14. I would love one of these too.

  15. I sent a request to Shelfari for an HTML only version of the widget on their feedback page, so hopefully that will get us somewhere.

  16. I too would LOVE this....I'll have to write them as well

  17. Tell it to staff. The forums are not the best way to communicate with them.

  18. I am brand new today, my apologies. I'll ask the staff

  19. With librarything it's quite easy to put their button in a widget that links to your collection, so anyone clicking on the button can see it. I have it in my sidebar and I think the code at the site.

  20. I would like to throw my name into the "want a widget for shelfari" hat. Hope to see one soon.

  21. @jhcckkm: Send a request to staff here and a request at Shelfari for an html coded widget. That'll be more effective. The volunteers on the forum have no say over these things.

  22. well...if Shelfari gets filtered, then have a look at this :

  23. @mashedmusings
    That is simply an image placed in a text widget with a hyperlink to the person's "shelf" at shelfari, not the actual shelfari widget. You can do the same:

  24. Ohhhh!! This is good enough for me. Thanks a lot. :)

  25. You are welcome.

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