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Shift timestamps on all posts? (Posterous import bug)

  1. I just imported a blog from Posterous, and all the timestamps are off by about a day. WordPress grabs the Posterous timestamp when it imports, but it does not interpret it correctly. I tried changing my time zone in WP before importing (making sure I permanently deleted the old imported posts first). No difference.

    So... Is there any way to shift the timestamps on all posts? I can change them one at a time, but there are dozens of them.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nope - there is no option here for changing timestamps.

  3. I'm sorry that wasn't helpful.

  4. Yeah, I was really hoping someone named timethief would be able to help! :-)

  5. I'm not clear on how the metadata is organized in the theme you are using or even which theme it is as your blog visibility is private. It may be possible to change the timestamps with (1) css editing experience and (2) purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade.

  6. Yeah, it is private at least until I get it working! I am using the Rubric theme, which only shows the date by default. I don't think CSS fixes will work, since the date is hard-coded into the page's HTML, e.g.:
    <h2>August 13, 2011</h2>

    In other words, it is not a design problem, but a bug in the import from Posterous - WP grabs the wrong date. I think know what is happening, not that it helps solve the problem. The timestamp for an imported post is exactly 7 hours ahead of the time shown in Posterous, and I am 7 hours behind UTC (Greenwich) time. When WP imports the posts, it gets a UTC timestamp from Posterous and just takes it as is - it does not apply my WP time zone setting. I wonder if other imports work the same.

  7. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention. please be patient while waiting as it's not likely that they will be in a position to respond instantly.

  8. Thanks a bunch! I'm not in a big hurry ( I still have my Posterous blog) but I would appreciate it getting fixed.

  9. Unfortunately, the timestamps cannot be shifted on our end. You might want to check with Posterous to see if they can do anything on their end.

  10. Nope - I have already tried that. Looks like I am stuck at Posterous until the WP import bug is fixed.

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