Shockwave Flash keeps crashing

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    What is Shockwave Flash and why does it keep crashing?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you trying to embed Flash? If so, then have you read this?

    Or do your mean your computer or browser are crashing? Try confirming your Flash is updated and if required installing the latest version of Flash


    I’m not trying to embed anything.

    I am just trying to look at the reader, it keeps crashing, slowing down to a snails pace and then the browser tells me the Shockwave Flash plug in is crashing. No idea what that is. Happens on both computers.


    I forgot to add I am using the latest version of Chrome, just tried it on Firefox and the reader just goes around and around and around in circles.

    I have tried Chrome with Ubuntu and with Windows.



    I got the same problem, the reader doesn’t stop loading and it slows my whole computer. Chrome and Firefox.



    Same problem.



    Hi, I’ve been having this same problem. I’m using Chrome (latest version). Anytime I am on the reader tab, Shockwave Flash can’t load and crashes. It’s impossible to scroll through posts. It’s only been doing this for the last few days.

    I’ve made sure there are no conflicting Flash plugins as this is a problem with Chrome… but still no joy. It just seems to be the WordPress Reader page. It’s not happening anywhere else.

    Any help much appreciated.


    Exact same problem. :-(


    Misery loves company, so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having this exact same problem. I tried re-installing, disabling the virtual snow (which seemed to help, but then the box in Settings re-ticked itself!) What’s the deal, WordPress? I’ve had extremely prompt responses with past problems, so I’m hoping the same holds true this time.


    I also don’t understand the deal with the reader loading so much, that means you are downloading heaps which means if you live somewhere where you have to pay for that, you are paying for downloading stuff you don’t want. You press the page down button and you are 14 hours ago, not really what I wanted.



    Same here and after I posted about it most people who read me are too…I’ve tried Chrome and Safari and internet explorer(last resort!) but the same problem on all of them with the latest flash installed.
    I can’t comment, I can’t reply, I can’t browse my reader…what’s going on WordPress??


    Same problem here. It’s been happening for a couple of days. Instead of loading a set number of posts in my reader, and then checking for new posts every so often, it just keeps loading past posts into my reader and never stops until my browser crashes. I tried to view my reader on my Nook Tablet, and it crashes that, too.



    The Reader was tweaked over the past few days, and you shouldn’t have this issue any more. Please let me know if you are still experiencing it!



    No more problems, thank you so much, it is perhaps even better now. Brilliant. Thank you again.



    Working great for me now too! Many thanks for your help.



    I’m glad to hear it!

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