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  1. The WordPress Value Package keps appearing in my shopping cart. I remove it and it comes right back. It seems to be blocking access to some of my functions. How do I remove it permanently?
    Blog url:

  2. Please post an active link to the blog you refer to. I’m afraid e-commerce isn’t currently possible here at as our free hosted blogs cannot be equipped for ecommerce transactions in online stores at this time. If you require e-commerce/shopping cart functionality, there are no restrictions if you setup a self-hosted blog instead of a free hosted blog. See here to learn the differences:

  3. Here is the link. It is wordpress that is trying to sell me an upgrade. I am not interested in ecommerce transactions for my blog. I will try the unsubscribe button.

  4. Aha! Now I understand what you are experiencing. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  5. Thanks, the unsubscribe didn't work. It keeps putting the upgrade into my cart every time I remove it. Hopefully some one on the staff can remove it.

  6. It should disappear if you clear your browser's cookies and cache.

    Would you please try that?

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