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    I am inquiring about adding a shopping cart to my site for people who read my blog, so they can purchase the products I review. I don’t know how to go about this or if it’s even possible but I figured I would ask. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    It is not possible, as ecommerce code will be stripped out here for security reasons. As well, affiliate sales and sales of things you, yourself, do not create are not allowed here either. Staff have said that discreet text links to items you’ve reviewed, if your blog is NOT a sales blog but a review blog are permissible “within reason.” Nobody knows exactly what that means but in practice I’ve seen it mean: no affiliate links in the sidebar and DEFINITELY no more than one per post.


    So I understand free blogs cannot set up a shopping cart, but hosting your own site and installing/running wordpress on it will allow the plugin. But what if I upgrade and purchase the Premium package through wordpress? Then will we be able to add the shopping cart plugin?




    No. There is no upgrade that allows plugins here except the $2600 per month VIP site like CNN and Icanhascheezburger have.


    Ok. Thanks for the info.




    In this case, however, does it mean that if i install wordpress recommended in into my own host, i would be able to install plugins?


    From my understanding, Yes. You can install plugins if you host your own site and use wordpress from

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