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shopping cart for hosted blog?

  1. hi,

    trying to work out whether i can integrate a shopping cart with a blog hosted on, does this have to be self hosted to add a shopping cart?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have to be self-hosted to have a shopping cart. We are so NOT optimized for ecommerce here.

  3. Hello there,
    I see that your blog features products made by yourself from recycled materials. Will the PayPal donation button and/or contact form work for you?

    Also note that if you have an Etsy account the widget code they provide does not work on our blogs but it can be tranlated into a Etsy widget gigya shotcode that you can use on your blog.

  4. ambizionidesigns

    You can use integrate the paypal "buy now" or "donate" button, but the shopping cart button does not work with

  5. @ambizionidesigns
    Did you not read my response made the day before yours? Please don't post into support threads to parrot what others have posted. Please don't post unless you have new information to add that has not already been provided in the thread.

  6. thanks everyone, I'm sure that question must get asked a lot around here, so pay pals "buy now" buttons can be used but no shopping cart huh? that's a start at least..

  7. @nogoodclothing
    You're welcome.

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