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Shopping Carts

  1. May I ask what shopping cart plugin is being used w/in the dashboard? I'm going to need my own and really like how this one looks and feels.

    Thank you kindly for your support. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs like the one linked to your username and we cannot install individual plugins or third party themes into them. Those found on the internet are for WordPress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    More to the point is this. No blogger initiated advertising, retailing or reselling the work or products created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. E-commerce transactions via shopping carts and the like cannot be conducted on free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM

    We can post a PayPal donation button and/or a conftact form only

    The advertising exceptions noted in support documentation are for high traffic blogs that qualify for and are accepted into the WordAds program, and for extremely high traffic blogs that qualify and are accepted into the paid VIP hosting program. The WordAds Program is for well established blogs with 20,000 page views monthly that apply for and are accepted into the program.

    I suggest that if these realities are deal breakers for you then your can hire a web host and set up your own self hosted install from

  3. I have a few things that I personally make and would like to sell on my blog through PayPal. Are you (timetheif) saying that WordPress will not allow me to do this on my site?
    Asking, because I am trying to get the paypal buttons on the site by following the directions listed but it is not working...

  4. This is the only paypal button we can use here:

  5. You might be interested in Etsy:

  6. @sewparks
    The site linked to your username is not a free hosted blog. Frankly I don't know why you have your username linked to that site at all. Are you clear on the differences between free hosted blogs and installs for self-hosting?

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