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    Hi. Do you by any changes have shopping software – where clients will be able to buy products etc from my blog? I am fine artists in South Africa and I want a blog where people can comment on my work and ask questions, but also be able to buy directly from my website via paypal.
    I am still sorting out my paypal registrations etc, but I will hopefully be able to buy your software early in September.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    No, is not a good place for ecommerce. You can use the Paypal Donate button only officially, although some people say you can also use the Buy It Now button. I’ve never known it to work, myself.

    You might be happier with a WordPress.ORG install, or you might do a workaround where you post the image and have your Paypal in the sidebar like I do mine, and have them fill in which paintings they want and the amount when they pay. You can see it at and the instructions for that are at



    Thanks, I also thought about a workaround – that will probably be the best option. Thank you.



    Just a caution – you can sell stuff you personally make – but if you have a catalog of things from other people you will probably have some problems with the Terms of Service group here

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