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    Is there any way to shorten the amount of a long post with a ‘more’ option for the reader who wants to read it all?

    The blog I need help with is



    there is an icon that can make your post be “Read more” on icon tab menu..
    just find it. :-)



    Thanks to both of you. Reading the ‘splitting content’ guidelines seems to suggest the only safe way to shorten posts already published is through HMTL not the visual icon, because of risk to formatting. Is this a common hazard or only occasional?


    If you have formatted text with bold, italic, etc., it can be an issue. In general, what you want to do is to put the tag into the post as if it was its own paragraph. You also don’t want to put it into the middle of a blockquote or into the middle of an ordered or unordered list.

    You can add it via the HTML tab pretty easily as a copy and paste so that it won’t take too much time and then make sure that no text formatting is applied to it.



    Tried both options on an existing post. The visual produced a line with ‘more’ written. I clicked on it, it changed to a solid blue line. I clicked ‘update’ and viewed page. No change. Did the same with HMTL, same thing. Should I have clicked Publish again?


    If you are using the post preview function it will not show the more tag since you are viewing a single post view (like after someone clicks a more tag). You have to update the post and then go to your site home page and view the post there. That is where the more tag will show up.



    Tried again. No success. Although the ‘more’ tag shows up in ‘edit’ mode ( then clicked ‘update) I went back to home page to view the change. It makes no difference. But I have just had a thought. This post was cut and pasted from another site. Is that perhaps the reason, that it was not created on WP?


    Which post is it that you’ve put the more tag on? And yes, copying and pasting from another site can cause issues.


    I see a continue reading tag on this post: Review of Gaia’s Children.



    Thank you for your persistent help. Yes it was on the Review of Gaia’s Children. You are seeing it, I am not. On my site, going through the main menu ‘Reviews’ and bringing up the page, it does not show up as a split post. Any explanation?

    I have eliminated the ‘page’ with the same heading from the menu ( RGChildren) and redone the post, as you suggested, but still see no ‘read on’. I am very confused now.



    Suddenly it has happened! Thank you so much for all your rapid fire help. Much appreciated. I wish I felt I really understood for the future. I think some explanation must lie in having both a post and a page on the menu with the same content. I have yet to master ‘Parent’ and ‘Under-parent'( for want of a better word). But some definite progress. Thanks


    Going through “Reviews” you are getting a page, NOT a post. This is the URL: .

    If you scroll down on the main site page you will find a post with the same title and IT has the read more link.

    You need to familarize yourself with the differences between pages and posts: .

    Also, the read more tag will not work on pages. It works on posts only. To split content on pages, you have to use the “next page” tag: .



    Thanks again. So am I right in thinking that all posts appear on the ‘home/front’ page but adding them to the menu under the menu ‘parents’ will provide access to them through that main menu ( providing one has defined the ‘parent’) when they are added to the menu? I had imagined that a new post could be assigned to its parental category from the off, and I suspect this is where I went wrong.

    Sorry to be so dim



    Duplicate replies removed


    You don’t want to add your POSTS to the main menu, and you certainly do NOT want to duplicate content on your site by creating pages with the same content. The search engines will toss you in the basement and forget about you. And what would happen once you get to 300 or 400 posts? Would you, or anyone else look through 300 o 400 items on a submenu (not to mention that won’t work and will break the menu system).

    Categorize your post and then use the categories widget and the archives widget in the sidebar of your site, or you can add categories to your top menu using a custom menu if you don’t have a ton of top level categories. If you have subcategories, you can add those as dropdowns under the parent tab in the navigation.

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