Shortlink isn't working, and always has before

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    I have never had trouble with a shortlink to use on my FB page. Now I am. This is the link: It’s not populating the ‘status’ with the beginning text of the post, nor showing me options for a thumbnail, the way it has in the past. What’s up?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I get the same result with that shortlink, but not with any other shortlink I try, including from my own blog. Can you try using the full link for that particular post and see if the issue resolves for you?



    The long link doesn’t work either. Seems like it’s on your end. What else can I do?



    Hi there – when I paste the long link into a Facebook status window, I’m getting a choice of four thumbnails as well as a text blurb, as you can see in this screenshot:


    Would you mind trying again and letting me know if you’re still having trouble with it?


    Closed FB; closed Safari, and just tried again. The links shows, but no text and no thumbnail.



    I just tried refreshing Facebook’s cache for that page. Would you mind trying again?

    If it still doesn’t work, could you please try a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox, and let me know what happens?


    Okay, the long link worked with Firefox. Why do you suppose 1) it didn’t work with Safari and 2) why didn’t the short link work with either?

    Thank you!



    I’m not sure why we’re seeing discrepancies on this link. Would you mind letting me know if this is only a problem with this particular post, or is it happening with all posts?


    I’ve never had an issue before with a short link.



    If you continue to run into this issue again with other posts, could you please let me know? If it was just a one-time thing, it’s probably not worth further investigation, but if it continues to happen we’ll delve into it further. Sound OK? :-)

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