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  1. (a) add shortlink button for readers. so they can use it not only via twitter.
    (b) allow costumisation of usernames (not posts).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, thanks.
    but it's actually not exactly what I meant.
    in (a) i meant visible to readers, not only the authors.
    in (b) i meant costumistaion of the first part of the string, not the last (i.e. instead of "" something like "".

  3. (A) is visible to readers who are logged in as users. On the grey admin bar, if you hover over the blog's name, you'll find the shortlink address.

  4. Thanks. that's good to know. But i feel it's not too intuitive, nor helping other visitors. it could, i think, bring more trafic.

  5. No problem. That's what the "Ideas" forum is for: to suggest improvements :-)

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