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Should I be Frustrated?

  1. All of my Replies in my Showcase Thread for my Main Blog The Written Word are going to Spam. Also, all of my Replies in the Today I Posted Thread are also going to Spam. Also, all of my Replies in What are you Listening to Thread are going to Spam... All of this started happening in the last 24 hours, and when I posted about it in Support, the Posts CLOSED immediately, and later actually disappeared.

    I sent in a Note to their Contact with all of this, but haven't heard back, and I'm not sure if a delay is normal.

    Trying not to be frustrated, but my Blog was Locked for a day and a half, which they fixed, and now I can't Advertise my Posts, and/or partake in one of my Favorite Threads.

    WordPress Staff has always been nice, and helpful... Maybe they're inundated right now, I don't know.

    Any thoughts?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully staff will drop by in a while and look into it for you.

  3. These are fixed I think and I'll try to see why this keeps happening to you. Sorry for this hassle.

  4. @Thesacred Thank Thesacred

    @Mark Thanks so much Mark, I hate buggen you guys


  5. Shoot, Today I Posted did it again

    And I forgot to mention Wating for Christmas which also did it yesterday

    Should I just keep letting you guys know when this happens?

    Thanks again


  6. I gave up posting into Off Topic threads for the same reason.

  7. Yeah, that's too bad, that's a good Thread

  8. I'm so busy right now that it doesn't matter that much to me. But I do hope Mark figures what causes this out and you stop having this experience -- hang in there. :)

  9. Thanks Time

  10. Mark, I hate to keep bothering you guys, but is there anyway that my ability to post in Today I Posted could be enabled, as it's our main Advertising Thread in the Off Topic Thread



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