Should I file a DMCA now?

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    Hi folks! I really don’t know what DMCA do. But I’m in a trouble. I signed-up for a blog on a WPMU powered hosting and enjoyed
    blogging there. Later I found that has better features than this, [so] I moved all content here [at–sticked to WP.COM and
    deleted that old blog. The blog was deleted for a few months, but now it has been restored. Now, the situation is that I don’t own my old blog and my hardwork [contents] are
    there. I hate this. I had read terms of services. And I understand what my rights are. I requested them, two times
    offcourse, to either delete this blog or remove my content and don’t violate my intellectual rights and I’m pretty appalled with their behaviour. They’re even not responding my emails.
    Once I discussed this topic with Richard (TheSacredPath); but he to didn’t suggest me so much. One friend recently told me about DMCA. Can I do legal cases against them using DMCA? Will support help me in this problem. I’m not able to understand What should I do? Please help. I don’t want to see that blog again on the web.

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    The blog I need help with is


    @wpgaurav, I’m sorry to hear you’re having such trouble! cannot help you directly with content that is hosted somewhere else, but we do have a document about content theft which may help guide you. I would recommend following the steps here except send a formal notice to the host where the content is stored:

    You should also check the site for similar documentation about what to do about content theft in case they have anything posted about their policies which might be different.



    Thanks for your quick reply. I checked their whole site. But couldn’t get any support doc except their blog as a help center.
    Few weeks ago I wasn’t very serious about it. But now I’m feeling very tensed. My [same] posts at both sites are fighting for results in Google search results. I was Google Analytics owner of that blog, but those silly guys have removed it too.
    I’m going to check your link. Wish me a better luck this time.



    Help needed again!

    [Registrar/Registrant/Agent Name] [Registrar/Registrant/Agent Address]
    What should I fill here?



    You have to locate that information. see: step 4



    Done! Thanks. But I’ve another problem. Ridiculous but true! I don’t know where to send this mail. Can I send it via host’s contact form? Or to Registrant’s email? Host has not given their email id anywhere!

    I’m sick of it.



    Yes, send it to the web host and to the blog administrator, the registrant’s email. Send it to everything you can.



    Send it to everything you can.

    I sent.

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