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Should I go PRO

  1. Is it worth it upgrade your blog to pro..I am a newbie blogger..but I was thinking that it would be a good investment..obviously my blog looks awful! Please someone give me guidance! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You do not require a single upgrade to develop a successful blog.

    Provided you are (1) firmly committed to personal blogging over the long-term and (2) you will not hesitate to renew a domain mapping upgrade year after year before it expires then it's the only upgrade I recommend at this time Provided yours is a business blog like one of those described here > then I also recommend purchasing a No-Ads upgrade

    Do you actually need all of the upgrades included in the bundle?
    If you do not need them, then purchasing it is false economy.

  3. oops! I meant to post this ... the only upgrade I recommend at this time is a domain mapping upgrade

  4. Ok then I am going to cancel's giving me a friggen headache

  5. You must be logged in under the username account that purchased the upgrade to request cancellation or a refund. provides a 30-day refund on all upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers. You can request a refund yourself directly from the Store section of your Dashboard
    see also

  6. @simplydavia: I see that you went ahead and canceled your Pro Bundle, and the $81 refund is on its way. You also registered a custom domain, ($18 value) that has not been canceled. Please note that if you choose to cancel a domain registration, there is no guarantee that you'll be able to register it again in the future. If you do want to cancel your custom domain, you can do it within 48 hours of domain registration via this page:

    The Pro Bundle is great for those bloggers who need extra space for images, want to upload video files, use additional customization features (custom fonts and CSS), and would like to remove the ads placed by to support the service. You can read more about it here:

    If now is not the right time for the Pro Bundle, that's cool, too :)

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