Should I plugin for messageboard or forum or something else

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    I’m after some advice as to how I can set up a wordpress site for a website i’m wanting to create.
    please can you offer advice as to which plugins would be most suited to my needs.

    I want the site to allow 2 types of users to register; 1 group for standard users, 1 group for super users.

    The standard users would register to the site/login and then be able to post questions to the site. They can only see their own questions and any associated responses

    The super users would see a long list of questions that have not yet been answered. They would then be able to choose a question, answer it and set it to closed. The response would be posted to the person who raised it, on the site and also by email.

    Any thoughts welcome

    The question comes as to how I should set this up. I believe a message board or forum may be suitable but which is best for limiting views or for being able to close down questions so that noone can post a response once its been closed.



    We can not install plugins here on Plugins are available only for This will be helpful for you to know the difference between and
    In fact you’re on wrong forum. Go to support and post your question there to have help for your different software.



    Agreed. I added the question to the wrong forum link. Sorry! WIll post in .org

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