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Should I purchase Business for a video website?

  1. leahannhamilton

    I have been reading online at and elsewhere for information and reviews to determine whether Business is right for my specific needs. I need to create a relatively simple website for a non-profit organization that does not want to hire a web developer. This website will be made up of roughly 80% video content to be uploaded directly from our computers. Other content will be photos and text. Embedding videos is a must. Is Business right for this large amount of video? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi there - Yep!

    For video, you'll want the VideoPress upgrade, and if you have more than 3GB worth of videos to upload, you'll also want a Space Upgrade.

    Both of those upgrades are included in Business or Premium, along with other upgrades. You can read more about what each upgrade package includes here:

    Let me know if you have further questions!

  3. @eurello - thread marked "duplicate" and "Already answered" :)

    Thanks for closing this one.

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