Should I take a hint re: my picture?

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    Sorry if this is a fresh-off-the-boat question, but I’m fresh off the boat: The .gif is on the About page, but won’t show up on the main page (blog) itself, though the text does. If there’s a simple solution, I’d appreciate it.


    A link to your blog? Can’t help if we cannot see it.



    I think this is the blog But it would be extremely helpful if you linked your user name to your blog

    I don’t know enough about that theme to explain the about section


    In DePo, the about section does not display images, just text. It’s the way the author designed it.



    Thank you, vivianpaige, I did that; thesacredpath, that answers that. So is the key to amending that CSS editing?


    I am virtually certain it cannot be done through CSS. I expect it is defined in the underlying theme files which we cannot edit.


    Lucyring, when the theme I was using didn’t meet a couple of my needs, I changed themes and made the color and fonts of the new theme go with the colors of my masthead using css. It wasn’t so hard. So if image on the about page is important, pick a new theme and know you can alter some things, not the structure of it but all the colors (I think–I changed quite a few) and the fonts and weight of the fonts.

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