Should i trust this theme dev

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    Ive asked over at about getting a theme made, which i posted on their jobs section:

    I got one reply saying this:


    My name is Vireak, from Cambodia. I’ve hacked WordPress for 3 years
    and have no problem coding graphics into valid XHTML code.

    Since I don’t hold any formal education, I build web sites for friends
    for free. If you don’t mind, send me the layout, I’ll send back the
    theme. I don’t charge but just to keep you inform I’m prepared to do
    future tasks.


    Should i trust him he will do it for free!


    No, and you can’t upload new themes on On you can.


    sorry at jobs it was on


    no im not talking about that im talking about theis guys trustworthyness, and i got the site wrong, yes i know!



    The trust thing should be ask at WordPress.ORG as by definition all of us here have decided to use one of the 100 provided Themes and forgo outside Themes.

    That said, have you looked at the 1,200++ FREE themes available on the WordPress.ORG site? I have found the search function awkward and ended up just paging through all of them one screen at a time (they display 20 themes or so per page)

    Have you ask in the regular Forum section for Theme recommendations? Tell them what you are looking for and want the Theme to do.

    You should be able to find a Theme close to what you want in their free Themes section. Many times outside Theme developers will put malicious code in “free” Themes that can damage your site or turn your site into a spam machine,so caution is advised, cleaning up your site from a hack before it is even ready to go live would suck.

    The offer could really be a starving student looking to get some experience or it could be bad news. I would be very cautious.

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