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Should I upgrade or host my own?

  1. I am ready to move up to the next level of blogging - the upgrade. I haven't been able to decide if I want to upgrade to the premium $99/yr service which really gives me more storage space and a domain name. All the other offers that come with it I probably wouldn't use. I don't care about $50 towards a theme, as I like the free one I'm using (though it could use a couple minor tweaks). I don't use HD video uploads, I usually link to my personal HD youtube videos anyway. And no ads.. thats nice I suppose.

    On the other hand, I could buy a domain name for $10/yr and a $5/mo hosting plan that would offer more than wordpress does.. but then I would have to of course upload WP and configure it all myself.. which isn't that hard, I've done it a few times in the past.

    My question: which pathway should I choose? I don't plan on making money with my blog, but I do have an ever-growing fan base and followers increase daily. I am going to purchase a domain name regardless whether or not its through or a 3rd party..

    Your thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's not enough information to go on.

  3. how is that not enough information? I am asking what would be a better decision.. going with a WP hosted/domain account for $99 a yr or upload WP to my own host and buy a domain name separate running about $70/yr. I know both the pros and cons of each side, I am looking to see if anybody knows which would be better?

    obviously if I host it myself I am in charge of its security and updating, programming and customization (which isn't hard as I am very familiar with PHP Java and CSS), as well as dealing with any downtime from the host etc.. and with a WP hosted blog I don't have to worry about that..

  4. It's really not enough to go on. Why would you favour one over the other? What is your industry? What are your future plans for the blog? What is your skill set? What is your budget?

  5. I don't plan to make money with the blog, but I do plan to have a decent amount of viewers and followers. The industry is based on geocaching (a gps-based scavenger hunt played by millions of people across the globe) Im not looking to spend a massive chunk of money on this or anything.

    I want to maintain a professional looking blog utilizing a domain name rather than the standard WP subdomain, but I want to be able to ad customization to my blog as well. Both options give me that ability to customize. I am just curious if upgrading to the WP hosted service is a better decision than just hosting and maintaining it myself? If I followed that route I could just redirect my WP subdomain to my purchased domain name.

    I realize larger companies utilize the WP upgrade feature but they go the $200-$500/mo route and I by no means need to do that.

  6. As long as you do NOT need dynamic maps like Community Walk maps etc, then you should be okay and save some money by staying here.

  7. I would be spending a significant amount more staying at WP.
    • Offers me domain name
    • Allows customization
    • No Ads
    • I am not responsible for it's security

    3rd party host/domain:
    • $30 a year (thats unlimited bandwidth, storage space, email accts, domain name, everything)
    • Allows customization
    • No Ads
    • I AM responsible for it's security

  8. let's make this a 2 part question.

    If I did go the wordpress.ORG route, can I still follow other WP users? and will all the ones following me have to re-follow my new blog? or will it all transfer over as if there were no change? This would be a problem for me as I share a lot back and forth on the WP.COM side of things..

    if I cant take my readers with me without having to send them all a mass email or something, I would rather pay the $100/yr

  9. dra6n,

    You can buy's Site Redirect for $13, so that may be an option for you as it would enable you to take your readers wherever you go.

    I develop self-hosted WP sites so that is where the bulk of my WP expertise is. That being said, I don't think you should discount what offers. The cost differences are, in my opinion, negligible. The biggest consideration is what your aim and availability are.

    If you have time and like tinkering with the technical side of things and you can keep up with the updates and security issues of a self-hosted site, it is far more flexible and fun than

    If you just need to be able to write and get your message out with the least amount of hassle, and you are not necessarily always on the spot with security/plugin updates, and you don't feel hobbled by the inability to add plugins, is a good place to be. It seems like with some upgrades (Custom Design) you could at least halfway scratch any developer-ish kind of itch.

    I recently put together two .com sites and found it refreshingly easy compared to my usual installation & configuration. Of course, I couldn't entirely control everything... o_0

    If you do wind up with a self-hosted site, be sure to install the Jetpack plugin. It'll give you some connectivity and let you follow any WP sites you like.

    Hope that helps.

  10. ahh, see that was yet another factor that kind of kept me at a split decision. I didn't want to lose the 'community' that has such as the ability to follow and such. I wasn't aware of the Jetpack plugin. Thanks so much! I think Im going to go the .Org route, and pay the $13/yr to to redirect.

    thank you!

  11. You're not factoring in the time to keep the plugins and version of WP updated. What's that time worth to you?

  12. I have the time

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