Should my blog be marked as 'mature'?

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    This is my first venture into blogging. The content will contain extracts of my published and in-progress books. I write in the erotica genre which includes explicit sex and BDSM content.

    My books clearly indicate on the distributers websites such as Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Nobel etc. that there is adult content not suitable for person under the age of 18.

    What privacy category should I use and should I have my blog marked as ‘mature’ within the WordPress system?

    Thanks in advance for you advice and assistance.



    Hi there, thanks for asking.

    Here is WordPressdotcom’s policy on mature content, including what is not allowed here, and how to notify WordPressdotcom that your site contains such content:



    Thank you for your response. I think I asked the wrong questions as I already saw this. My content will not violate the TOU. It will in my opinion be for ‘adults’ only though since it will have sexual references and discussion including BDSM. It looks as if having it marked as ‘mature’ it will restrict public access.

    Does this mean that it will then be only a ‘private blog’ and the only way for people to see it will be via invitation?

    If I add the URL to a mailing list for example or to my books will the reader be able to access it?

    Does this make a difference if use my own domain rather than a ‘wordpress’ domain name/URL?

    I have read many blogs that have similar content to what will be contained in mine but I have no idea if they are marked as ‘mature’. Would I have been able to get to them if they had been so marked? Though I myself am not offended I really do not wish to offend others unnecessarily and risk being ‘removed’ or ‘closed down’.

    Thanks again .



    Hi again.

    Owning your own domain name makes no difference since the site is still hosted on WordPressdotcom and bound by its ToS.

    Your site will not be made Private (by invite only) when you mark it as Mature (unless you do so yourself). It will be accessible to anyone who has the direct link. However, as the Support doc says, marking your site as Mature takes it out of public view in WordPressdotcom’s Reader, tags pages and the link attached to your username in the forums will be removed.

    As long as you adhere to what is written in the Support document about the type of Mature content allowed, you should be OK.

    Hope that helps clarify.



    Thank you. Yes this clarifies.



    Glad to have helped.

    Best wishes.

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