should unused wordpress blogs expire?!!

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    The thing with setting up a blog is, everyone wants to have a great name for their blog.
    So, keeping that in mind, should the ones that have not been used in the last, say, 3 years (or only used once when set up 4 years ago), not be made null and the name become available again?!

    Just a thought………..



    To be honest, the best way to comment on this policy is to send your feedback directly to staff on the support page. At the moment Support is closed but will reopen after September 10th.



    Let’s say that 4 years ago you linked to a blog from your blog, because it had content relevant to your blog. Let’s say that this blog stops posting for 3 years and then I come along and get that expired name and set up a blog with some totally different content that you would never ever want to link to, e.g. mature content of sexually explicit nature. Are you going to check all your posts from 3 years back to make sure that nothing has happened to the blogs you linked to? Of course not. That’s just one reason why blogs should never expire.


    Should someone come take a car that you own away just because you did not drive it in 2 years or 3?



    that car analogy isnt valid because you didn’t get the car for free.



    but what if you did get it for free? what if your rich uncle gave it to you for your birthday?

    then the analogy does apply.



    I got two cars for free. I’d be pretty pissed off if a stranger thought they should have them.

    If we’re talking moral imperatives, how many do you think are required of and how many required of the owners of those blog names? Besides, anyone so short of imagination as to come up with only ONE name that’s good probably won’t write a kickass blog anyway. If nothing else you can always register Whatever.Wordpress.Com and get the domain upgrade to make it

    If you want something that somebody else has, you can ask them nicely to give it to you, and if that is unsuccessful you can even ask them if they want money for it. But you can’t muscle them, claiming some sort of moral high ground.



    No. You don’t delete a library. It’s knowledge. And we need that. We are not book burners. Period!

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