Should we back up posts offline?

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    I am just wondering if it would be wise to save all my posts on a CD. Is there a chance WordPress could crash and we could lose all that we have written on our blogs? Or does WordPress have back up so it could all be restored?



    Yes, wordpress is backing up our blog contents regularly

    And “yes” if you so choose you can backup your blog in additional various ways.
    (1) Use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer, etc. to create and upload posts to your blog and you will have a back-up of every post you make on your own computer, which you can copy to disc.

    (2) Subscribe to your own blog feeds for posts and for comments.

    (3) Periodically export the contents of your blog using the exporter. You can also download a backup/export of your blog, posts, comments, etc by going to your dashboard and clicking Manage then Export.

    (4) Periodically export your links into a separate file as well and keep it on your computer and/or copy it to disc. You use (But you must change “my domain” to your own url, of course.)

    HTH :)



    God knows WP is not perfect. But I would bet the farm that the one thing they will not do is to lose all your data – posts – comments etc. But if you are paranoid the export function is neat.

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