Should we be send British aid aboard when we need it too?

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    This is a hard question for all of us… As humans  we are all equal and all deserve the same quality of life. But this can prove to be impossible for some. Many of us put our hand in our pocket each month to spare what we can to help others. 
    Yesterday i read an article that got my blood boiling! That india,one on the countries we are donating millions of pounds too, each year are spending it on developing a mission to out of space!  instead of reducing poverty. 
    I was infrared to also read that David camaron said england ?are still committed to donating money to India until 2015……..Is he paranoid that if he does’t commit to still donating  friendships between our country and india will break down? Has he lost his marbles? I am not saying we should pull the plug on all British aid but they do need to find away of getting it to the people who need it. 
    Without sounding harsh, I am so upset that that we don’t seem to realise how many people in great Britain are suffering from poverty too. Some families have to ask the church for food. Many more people are homeless.  All over Britain homeless shelters are closing, hospital’s budgets are being cut but the government is sending our donations in to space. 
    We as a country could donate so much more to people in our own country, the old saying charity starts at home! 
    David Camaron bangs on about our spending but he’s the worst! He is no better than the India government with our money. 

    Goodness me I’ve been a bit mean on old David. Which is kind of unfair and this is all my opinion and thinking.

    We are all great at giving to charity but some very important charities in England get hardly any donations. Just google  give to charity uk.

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