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Should we listen to our parents or not??

  1. Well as a college student i find myself standing at crossroads. To make a decision which sometimes is harder than what most people think. We were brought with the mindset that we can conquer the world irrespective of race, colour, sex or whatsoever be basis of categorization that exists. But we have also been brought up with values of having to listen to our parents who are older and wiser. So if there is a clash in opinions whom do we listen to?? Well the world in a way has not changed much from when they were studying but the one thing that has changed is each persons level of ambition and their starvation for success. So if your parents tell you that this line is not worth the money, or maybe you should stick to so and so line of work since you are a girl and it would suite your family life. How right are they?? We are now brought up with the ideals that it is our interest in a particular field and and willingness to excel that will help us to achieve what our parents think is worth the money or suitable for a family life.

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  2. The main support forums is not the place for this sort of thing. Use the off topic forum or post it in your blog.

  3. I think we have to listen to our parents

  4. strawberryindigo

    Being a mom to two teenagers and a daughter to two elderly people, I'd like to add my 2 cents.... I am glad you were brought up with the mindset that you can conquer the world, whatever you do; do not lose that.
    That being said, I'd say listen to your parents, they are the ones who gave you those important ideals. They have lived longer and probably give good advice.
    But take their advice with a grain of salt. Most parents want the best for their kids, they don't want you to suffer any undue stress or harm. They probably want you to take the safe route. I would if you were my kid.
    Ultimately it's your life and you are the one that will have to live with the consequences of your actions. Every generation has to make their own way, on their own terms.
    After 41 years of living I have noticed that it's not what you do that you regret later, it's what you don't do. As a fellow human being, I'd say go with your heart, but don't be stupid about it.

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