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Should WordPress Allow Adsense?

  1. Hell Yeah!

    All those "no's" must be from people who are independently wealthy. I'm a poor stiff looking to find as may additional income streams as possible and if I can ... earn money from my (cough, cough) writing, then oh how much feel good that will be for my aching ego.

    PLEASE ALLOW adSense and other forms of advertisers.

    This is horrible. isn't allowing me to post meta tags so that search engines can pick up my blog ... but they push adSense.

    WordPress is far easier to use, allows me greater control over formatting ... but won't allow me to make a nickel. Is this some kind of "blog hell" or are most of the above comments posted by CS majors who really want to earn more money by getting you to upgrade?

  2. Timethief,
    Still you think you are justified in calling names huh? What if I call you B****??? huh? Am I justified with that or do I have to give concrete reasons and proofs?

    So, stop this nonsense of name-calling. Have you seen anyone coming with the arguments of your style? If not, why do you want to act smart huh?

    I don't want this to be a personal thing between you and me...I have hell lot of other work beside the blog. Blogging is my time pass when I'm not with my friends and families unlike you who spends hours and hours in the net.

  3. isn't allowing me to post meta tags so that search engines can pick up my blog.

    You mean the ones that we put in the template? I use to do that on my old blog at Blogger but someone told me meta tags are dead and the top search engines don't use them anymore.

  4. "All those "no's" must be from people who are independently wealthy."

    Erm, no. Infact at the moment I am looking for a job I've had another £40 go out of my account and I am very overdrawn and can't take money out.

    Does that mean I want my blog to be littered with adverts? No.

  5. pro- or anti-adsense, i just think it's a personal preference, for whatever reasons. we should respect each other's opinions, and express ours in a way that helps people to see your perspective yet politely written. =)

    i don't care for adsense because i have terribly limited computer knowledge but if wp wants to have adsense, as long as i can choose not to have it, i won't discourage it.

  6. On a related topic FTC has ruled pay-for-post is illegal. Whither through the creation of fake personalities, fake blogs, or paying people on the sly to shill your product, all of these techniques are at their heart, duplicitous. And its the last of those that are the target of this FTC statment.

  7. Independant wealthy? I love hearing that. Want a copy of my disability check? I'll post it if you want. :)

    And, yes, I do webhosting and maybe I'll turn a profit sometime next year. :)

    And those who want adverts on their blogs can go grab a copy from and find a host. There's nothing stopping you. Of course if the idea of running your own blog is past you, I highly doubt you have anything interesting to read on your blog if you can't unzip a file and click on a link.

    Mod hat time - Matt and crew have stated their policies on adverts. Moaning about it here will not change their views and there's nothing intellegent going on here except for some folks not reading the thread that they're posting in. (Now there's something we don't see every day. *sigh*)

    There are probably over a hundred threads on the subject already as well as FAQs covering the subject. There's no need for any more. Any more posts in this thread will be deleted unless you say something intellegent.

    Guys, I have better things to be doing here instead of watching over a bunch of 2 years olds. I would rather spend my time right now trying to help raise money so that 18k kids here in Charlotte can have a Christmas. Instead I'm writing this right now to you guys.

    You're not going to make tons and tons of money with Adsense. Note that everybody who says that they know someone, it's "they know someone" or it's someone in the top100 sites (that's sites, not blogs) on teh net. If youre a Scoby, than you're going to have either your own site or server or a special arraingement. None of you here are at that level.

    If you want adverts, then go to


  8. @dreamnepal
    The English idiom "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" is descriptive in nature and not pejorative but you wrongly stated it was name calling when it isn't. I assume that English is not your mother tongue or you would not have made this erroneous claim.

    You asked for an opinion and I stated mine including Matt's official statement in it. You thanked me for it in one thread but then you insulted me for quoting it in the other thread.

    Thus far in the other of the two threads you started on the same subject i.e. "adsense" you have falsely accused me of name calling, of being rude and you have also called me a B****.

    You have no right to demand anything from any of us but demanding is what you seem to want to do. Therefore my decision is to respectfully announce that I can take no more of this. I am terminating all communication with you.

  9. Thanks. I have no motivation to further my arguments with you either.

    "...Wrongly stated..." True, when you end up at the defensive line. At least I can regret if I did something wrong rather than continue supporting stubborn attitude.

    The End.

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