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Shouldn't my tags refer to my blog instead of WP?

  1. Shouldn't clicking on my tags or categories bring up all my posts with the same tag or category? With the Twenty Ten theme, this seemed to be the case. With Vigilance, however, clicking on the tags or categories takes the reader away from my blog and to WP's tags/categories pages. Is this something that varies from theme to theme, or is it a bug with Vigilance?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's not a bug, and it doesn't vary from theme to theme. Categories and tags in your sidebar link to your posts; categories and tags in the post metadata link to the global tag pages (unless you select the middle option in Settings>Privacy). Useful for your visitors, good for your traffic.

  3. Apparently I've managed to do something really weird, then, because when I'm using Twenty Ten, the tags and categories in my posts pull up similarly tagged posts in my blog. They don't link to WP global tags. I've tried it both logged in and logged out, and that doesn't seem to make a difference.

    I've switched my main blog back to Vigilance but currently my test blog is set up with Twenty Ten at and to me, at least, it looks like it's performing as I described.

  4. If your blog visibility is set to "private" then all categories and tags direct only to your own blog contents.

  5. OOPS! Sorry I forgot to give you the link to report the problem with categories and tags in Twenty Ten to Staff

  6. Also tags and categories direct back to the blog and not the global tag pages if the following privacy setting "I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors" is chosen.

  7. @windwhistle: I've already covered that in my original reply:

    "categories and tags in the post metadata link to the global tag pages (unless you select the middle option in Settings>Privacy)"

    Middle option is the one slikbonez now spelled out.

  8. Sure enough. If I'd made it fully public, I might have seen that. Thanks all! (Test blog is now fully private again. Don't want y'all seeing my messes.) :)

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