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Shoutbox not working in page

  1. When I try to post a page with a shoutbox (Shoutmix 2.0, to be exact), it will not work,
    with the rich text editor. I even tried this with a text widget. Why is this?
    For the code, look below.

    Shoutmix 2.0 (shoutbox) code
    <!-- Begin Shoutbox - -->
    <iframe title="tpz" src="" width="400" height="100%" frameborder="1" scrolling="auto">
    View shoutbox
    Free shoutbox @ ShoutMix
    <!-- End Shoutbox -->

    Try it on your own blog. It won't work.

  2. @darkblader7
    You cannot have a shoutbox here. programming strips out all javascript, iframes, forms and flash embeds for security reasons.
    You can drag and drop your meebo widget into the sidebar and register with meebo. Then you will have messanging. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

  3. Oh, Ok. But I don't like Meebo. Is there any alternative?

  4. And, what are the security reasons?

  5. No. This explains why javascript, iframes, forms, embeds etc. are stripped.

    Why does clicking your username tell me that you have deleted your blog? Please link your name to your blog by editing your forum profile and including your blog's url. :)

    We are all on a multiuser blogging platform wordpress MU and this means what we do can affect each other so what we can do is limited to ensure security.

    If you find these limitations don't suit you then you can self host a free blog template from or you can hire a web host to do it for you.

  6. Oh, yes I forgot.

  7. Ok, there, i changed it.

  8. I don't want to pay...

  9. and operate on different software. All wordpress blog templates from are free of charge. Usually if you leave here then what you would have to pay for is your hosting of the free blog, unless you have your own server. But I think you mean you want to stay here and blog for free with as your host. That what you mean, right?

    P.S. If you took out a few moments and read the resources I gave you then you would know that if you had typed "shoutbox" into the forum search box you would have had the answer right away without waiting for me to tell you. ;)

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