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Shoutbox widget

  1. Hi!
    Have had a blog here for 2 weeks now, but haven't really done anything yet, that is till now. Been looking around the forums, and seem to have gotten the hand of things, at least some of them :P
    So my question is, is it possible to put a shoutbox in the sidebar as a widget? 'Course this'll have to be in html coding and inserted in the text widget if I'm not mistaken?
    Have seen it on some sites, not wordpress sites, but non the less. Haven't found any coding on this, and don't know how to code yet, have just barely started learning actionscripting :P

  2. If I understood you correctly, you're looking for the meebo widget to add to your sidebar, because that's really the only chatbox type-widget we have on COM.

    There was a post around here discussing how to use google talk on your blog, but I'm going to have to go look for it. Maybe someone will reply quicker than me.

  3. Thanks a lot! It works! :P

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