Show all categories & subcategories on homepage?

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    I need to be able to show more categories and subcategories of my work on my blog homepage. Right now only these are displayed:
    * Clips & Samples
    o Books
    o Editorial
    o Web Copy
    o Advertising
    * What’s New?
    * Radio
    I have other subcategories and categories I’d like to show. How can I do that?
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    Your blog is showing the latest posts on the frontpage, where the left one is the newest. The current theme (DePo Masthead) does not support to select specific categories to be shown on frontpage. Is that what you meant?


    No. You can see on my homepage, at the bottom, that there are several categories and sub-cats listed in Archives, along with the months I posted. I would like people to be able to search using additional categories and sub-cats I have created, but I ant figure out how to get them to display there on the front page.



    Hi there,

    I can see what you’re referring to. Have you added any of these categories after activating the Depo Masthead theme?

    One solution would be to activate the Archive and Categories Widgets on your Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets page. This would allow you to have more control over how the Widgets on your page appear and to insert any future updates.

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