show artwork and to be able to sell artwork

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    I am very new to blogs and I must say very confused. My goal is to upload photos of original artwork and also sell them via the blog. An artist friend has a blog called Postcards From Detroit Stephen Magsig. He told me if he was to start over; he would go with WORDPRESS.COM So how to I achieve a blog like his? I need guidance on where to go next.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you seen yet? You can see artwork if it’s YOUR artwork; you can’t use to sell things other people have made.

    Simply make a post for each artwork, including a price. Apparently you can use the HTML-only version of the Paypal Buy It Now button here, if you put it in the Text editor instead of the Visual editor. There are several portfolio themes designed to show off artwork, and you can find them on your dashboard themes page.

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