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  1. I see a huge amount of blogs here and many many blogs seem to be displaying 30+ posts per page.

    The default is 7

    Why is this happening? I ask for a few reasons:
    - when people at have possible load problems reducing posts per page is always mentioned.
    - People on dialup will almost certainly not hang about waiting for some pages to load given the number of images
    - it does not help search engines
    - it just seems weird

    If you going to export using a feed them you MUST reduce the number back to normal after.

    If you do have a high number, why?

  2. I have 10. I have high speed internet but it takes a while on alot of sites I visit because they have like 1 - 2 days showing. lol When I was at Blogger, I could only have 1 day showing and the page would be sooooooooo long because of the pictures I had.

  3. Mine defaulted to ten, but I reset it to five. It was a design/style choice. I don't really use any pictures (other than the header), but I didn't want to overwhelm users with a page that had no bottom.

    I'd guess that other users are not so much setting the number of posts to 30+ as they are setting the number of days worth of posts to a higher number. Then again, maybe they're setting it to just one day's worth of posts and posting thirty or more times a day. Who knows?

    First rule of good parenting; "Never give children toys you really don't want them to play with." ;>

  4. *chuckle* I have a blog that only shows one post a page. Do I win anything for reducing CPU activity? :)

    I state this as a joke by the way. I agree with Podz.

  5. Hmm.... seven or less but not 30 or more [said she with a red face] gottcha.

  6. If has a problem with high numbers of posts being displayed on the front page they should impose a limit, or add a note next to the relevant option warning about the pitfalls of setting it too high (much more likely to be seen there than here). Newbies probably do think that banging everything on the front page helps their search ranking. Or they see other people doing it and they think it's cool. And the fact that the admin interface is next-to-unusable on dialup probably doesn't encourage them to consider the needs of dialup users either.

    Oh, and nobody needs to change the number of posts per page to do an RSS backup; that's an entirely different setting.

  7. To make sure their site is completely reindexed by technorati, as I found out earlier ;) The article I found says leave it at least a day like that but 10 minutes was enough for me.

  8. @wank - it's not a problem. I'm sure a limit could be imposed but because it isn't a problem, it isn't.

    It's just that I really am surprised at the numbers.

    Bots also don't just look at front pages - how does it know where it is?

  9. The Technorati and Icerocket bots don't spider archived posts, only those on the home/main page. There's an article or three (or maybe four) on about it.

  10. T. seems to be only hitting my sites every couple of days, even if they update a couple times a day.

    I think some people are using a high number because they are trying to present a view that they blog quote often and want to expose more of their ideas instead of just a limit number of them. I have clients who have 25+ posts on their front page as well.

    I seriously dount it would be a MySQL issue as each post only ties up one access be post. A list of thirty links ties up the same amount of processor power as does thirty posts and I see blogs with hundreds of links on each and every page of their blogs. (I'm sure that thats the reason why the sidebars are cached.)

  11. Sometimes now when I ping with Blog Flux, Technorati says I've already pinged and to not do it again. lol

  12. That might be because WP sends a ping to T. via Pingomatic.

  13. Didn't know that. Thanks!

  14. In reference to newbies wank said:(1)Or they see other people doing it and they think it's cool. (2)And the fact that the admin interface is next-to-unusable on dialup probably doesn't encourage them to consider the needs of dialup users either.(3) Oh, and nobody needs to change the number of posts per page to do an RSS backup; that's an entirely different setting.
    (1) What did I know? I looked at other blogs and followed suit - coolness didn't enter the picture.
    (2) What is admin interface and do I need to be concerned about learning something about it?
    (3) Do I also need to be concerned about learning to do an RSS back-up?
    The list of things that I know I have to learn about about is quite lengthy so I'm checking before I make any additions to it.

  15. You know what it is probably. Podz is probably sitting there clicking on the "Next Blog" link flipping through the blogs wasting time but he sees all these big long pages and doesn't want to read all that but it draws him in. :)

  16. 2) the admin interface is just a fancy name for the administration pages you can see when you're logged in, because it's more concise to call it that than 'the post page, the options menus, the presentation panel, the manage posts page, the manage categories page and all the other random pages with a big blue header'. If you're managing to post to your blog, add links and categories and change your theme, you already know pretty much everything there is to know about the admin interface. The reason I mentioned it is that all the fancy javascript and (especially) the images on the themes menu make it very hard to use on a slow connection, so everyone here tends to assume everyone else has broadband.

    3) RSS backup is a good idea if you might ever want to move your blog. If you never want to move, don't care about your content and/or have total trust in, don't sweat it. Otherwise, a search on 'export' should turn up instructions.

  17. thanks for taking the time, time and again to explain things to me:D

  18. Wow, I didn't know this was an issue. I'm a proto-blogger, and thought it would be "cool" to have one month's worth of posts on the main page.

    I can tell (by apparent reader habit) that visitors tend not to read beyond the first page, so I figured, I'd be read more this way . . .?

  19. i agree with hedonistic. i hate clicking links like 'older posts' or 'more on the rest of the post', i'd rather read them all on the page i've loaded, unless it's a really interesting blog. i haven't count mine but it should have 10 posts because i never post more than once a day. nothing to do with coolness. but ppl who upload lots of images should put the more tag to warn ppl on dialup like moi and that the page loading won't take half as long without them images. what's a proto-blogger?

  20. proto = "new"


  21. proto-

    etymology: from Greek prOtos; akin to Greek pro before

    1. a) first in time <protohistory>; b) beginning, giving rise to <protoplanet>

    i.e., proto-blogger == the very first blogger, or the one who gave a rise of such.


  22. Proto-blogger sounds so much better than "newbie", don't you think? I sure do. Thanks hedonisticpleasurseeker for using it because I intend to use it too.

  23. guess, it was a misprint: pHoto-blogger

  24. I just realized that Podz mentions that the default is seven. I though it was ten?

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