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Show author in the Coraline theme

  1. Hi! Does anybody know how to display the author in posts in the Coraline theme?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Recently the theme staff removed the by author from the theme for unknown reasons but maybe one of the CSS Guru's will have a work around for you so I am going to move this thread over to the CSS Forum...

    Please note any work around the CSS Guru's may know of will require the CSS upgrade and there is no official support for the CSS Upgrade so it's best to know CSS before considering purchasing such Upgrade...

  3. If you have the paid CSS upgrade, you can bring it back following themeshaper's instructions posted here:

  4. Is there no way to bring it back without the paid CSS upgrade? Seems like such a small thing to have to buy the upgrade for (that's the only change I'd be making). Thanks.

  5. Coraline was originally introduced with this feature available.However, in order to make it more like the theme it replace (Cutline), the author byline is no longer visible.

    Otherwise, your other option is to use the Author widget in the sidebar, which will basically do the same thing as clicking on the author name in the post (creating a special dynamically created page with all posts by that author).

  6. Sort of a bummer...I'm less interested in having a sidebar widget (trying to keep things clean on the sides) as I am simply giving credit to the correct author at the top of the post each time. But certainly not enough to have to pay for that. Too bad...

  7. You can ask each author put a byline at the top of each of their posts, "By Authorname".

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