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Show EXIF information on photoblog?

  1. I've searched the forums and on Google to see if there's a way to have EXIF information from m jpegs show in my posts on my photoblog, but cannot find anything on this.

    Photos on my photoblog are clickable to larger sizes on my SmugMug hosted gallery site. One more click there does show EXIF info, so I guess that will have to do if there's no option on a blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try putting it in the Description?

  3. Yes thanks, that's a possibility, but is there any other way?

  4. Not as far as I know. There is Filename, there is Caption/Alt Text, and there is Description. Those are your options at

  5. EXIF display and a Random Photo Widget are my 2 COM fantasies right now.

  6. I wonder if there's a way to hook up the Randomizer button to only images, or only posts tagged Image.

  7. I'd actually want to *display* a random photo, not just have a link to it... but now you've got me wondering if there is some way the new Image Widget could do this.

    But, dammit Jim! I'm a doctor, not a coder!

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