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Show Image Description In Gallery?

    So me and my friend finally figured out how to add a gallery, the only problem is we can't figure out how to insert the image description that goes with it (What's the point of having us write a description for it if it only shows up when you try to edit the gallery via dashboard?)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I hear you and assume one day there will be an answer for that question. When working with galleries here's an excellent resource to use.

  3. Thanks for the link! So does that mean currently there isn't a solution to this?

  4. Sorry. There's no way to display the description as this time. However, you could put it in the "caption field" or you could put it into the post.

  5. Ohh caption field! That would totally work! Thanks so much for your help :)

  6. I'm glad I could help you. Happy blogging!

  7. Keep in mind that those captions will appear under the thumbnail images. If they are really long, you might want to point your visitor to click on the image permalink, where, if you've indicated in the Gallery settings that the image is linked to its attachment page, they'll see the full description (provided the theme you are using supports it). Clicking on the permalink will close the Carousel and open the Attachment page.

  8. One caveat, this is the current behavior in the Gallery and could change without warning.

  9. Its already set to attachment page, but the problem is the descriptions still get cut off :(

  10. I guess its a theme thing (the description getting cut off) but I guess it's okay, my friend likes having the description under the thumbnails (even though I feel like they are too close together)

  11. Hi

    I´m using twenty 11 theme and my gallery captions as getting cut off too. Is there anyway to stop this happening. I like being able to put captions underneath. It´s only a tiny space available otherwise. I´m using galleries as i am sharing quite a few photos so i don´t want people to have to click the permalink everytime. My current post with the galleries is not yet published as I want to fix this problem. Any suggestions?

  12. Oh, please don't let these pearls of wisdom disappear into a void. Collect them on 101 so we can learn them together, PLEASE.

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