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    I created a custom menu containing categories of my posts. One of these posts contains only an image (300x300px). The image shows in the post but not in the feed when you click the category in the menu. Only the title is visible. Where can I make sure all posts in this category are fully shown?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t. It’s up to your viewers for choose their own feed reader service. Some feed readers display images and some like Google Reader don’t display them.



    edit: “for” was meant to be “to”

    I do see the image files in your feed but do note that some themes display only permalinked titles, others provide full posts, and a couple display thumbnail images on Categories pages and Archives pages.


    In some circumstances, Google Reader does display them. In full posts, it displays most images and, if an image has been put in a live excerpt it displays those too. (My posts all have an image, I have my view set to excerpts only now, and I use a thumbnail in each excerpt (from my very old ones whose excerpts I haven’t done thumbnails for yet). So I’d suggest having a theme that has live excerpts and putting an image into the ones where you want an image seen.



    Note that this thread is actually about what’s displayed on Category pages feeds. Well what’s displayed on Categories pages be it permalinked titles, full posts, or thumbnails is theme dependent.


    @TT – yep. Missed that, sorry!



    No problem. :) I just posted so you knew and so we didn’t lead mirjamvandriel off track. Too many words, too many ideas, and too many people answering in a single thread can become a confusing mess for the person who first posted the thread to sort through, especially if they are new to blogging.


    Thanks everyone! My question wasn’t about feed readers (like Google Reader) but about this page: – and the post ‘In beeld 01’.

    You say it is theme dependent whether images in posts are displayed here? And is there any way to change that (in code or so?). I don’t feel like changing themes. I am new to WordPress so I have no experience building themes in it myself.

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