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Show Last Post - not Excerpts

  1. My blog page (menu item "On Tutoring") shows excerpts of four posts.
    Is it possible to have it display only the latest (most recent) post?

    My "Home" page is static but isn't my blog page. I have the Reading Settings, "Blog pages show at most" set to 1.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - It looks like you've found a workaround for this. If you use a category page, the theme will show all posts in that category on that page; there's no way to change that.

    I suppose you could create a category for example "On Tutoring Latest" and have your menu tab still say "On Tutoring" but draw from that category. Then, you could add that category to only your latest post and each time you added a new post in that category, delete the category from the post before it.

    Does that make sense?

  3. Thanks for your suggestion, eurello. I just created a "Tutoring-Most-Recent" category and assigned it uniquely to the last post, but sadly, that by itself, didn't change the behavior. i.e. the excerpts still are being displayed.

    I have two questions.
    What's a "category page"? I don't see that attribute available for a page, unlike posts.

    What does "draw from that category" mean? How would I do that?

  4. Hi there - The category pages are a bit different, and looking at your menu, I think this is what you'll want to use. Here's a guide for how to set them up: Category Pages

    Please give that a try and let me know if you get stuck!

    As far as the post showing as an excerpt, the Expound theme shows posts as excerpts on the blog page; there's no way to change this. Most themes, however, display full posts, so you might see if there's one you like as well as Expound. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  5. Thanks eurello for confirming that showing excerpts is built into Expound. I tried a category page and it works but it lists the category above the post title which, to me, isn't that aesthetically pleasing. I also tried the themes you suggested (thanks!) but accidentally chose "activate" instead of "preview" on one which blew away the css, I added. Any way retrieve it or is lost?

  6. Hi there - Sure thing, I restored the revision from just before you switched your theme. You can hide the category heading on the category page using CSS.


    .page-header {
    display: none;
  7. Wonderful! I was about to recreate the CSS - but can't say I was looking forward to it. I'll save what's there now as an external file in case it happens again.

    And I will use your tip for hiding the category heading.
    Thanks so much!

  8. Hi there - If you look to the top right of the CSS editor, you'll see a little link for CSS Revisions that will take you to your stored revisions. :)

  9. Ah! I'd ne'er noticed that! Thanks!

  10. Hi! I am using expound theme and I have three pages.
    My site is and I have the upgraded service, so I managed to alter the css file and change colors etc.
    I use a static front page named "Keftepolis"
    I also use a category page named "Τα νέα μας" which I use to display my latest posts (I used category in order to display the whole post and not only an excerpt).
    I have a problem which is that the category page displays only the texts of my posts and not the images/photos I attache to them.
    Whenever I post something with an image/photo, I can see the text but I cannot see the image/photo.
    What do I do wrong? How can this be solved and whenever I post something how can the text and the photo/image be displayed?

  11. Hi @keftepolis - with your theme, Expound, the category archives show an excerpt of the post and a thumbnail of the featured image. When you click through to the full post, the full post with the images in the post will show, but on the category page itself, they look like this:

    To add a thumnail as shown there, set a featured image for each post. Here's how to do that: Featured Images

  12. Thank you so much Eurello!
    I changed it and now looks fine!

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