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    Can someone please show me a website not just a blog? I have a website hosted by a different company and would like to switch. I am told can do really nice sites not just blogs, show me a few ( not wordpress.ORG) I have only seen blogs so far.


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi RL,
    You can easily make a website rather than a blog by configuring your site to show a static page as front page, and then designing the architecture of your site around pages rather than posts.

    It’s pretty straightforward to do. The only trace of ‘blogging’ that will remain will be the ‘Blog at WordPress’ line within the footer. Most people can live with that, bearing in mind that there’s no fee to pay.

    One more thought if you’re building a commercial site is that it may be worth your while to pay the upgrade fee to remove advertisements. As ads are mostly contextual, if you don’t do this you’ll run the risk of your site’s front page carrying ads for a competitor in exactly the field you’re targeting.

    Good luck!



    Hi RL

    Here are a couple of blogs that do a lot of art.

    There is also some more information on your Posting at WP.ORG

    @roadsofstone26 has some good points also.

    Good luck!!

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