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Show off your CSS customized upgrade

  1. If you're using a custom CSS layout, post your blog in this forum thread.

  2. @engtech
    Here's a humble question from a non-geek. I thought we could have only one running posts page in a blog. Is it true that your blog pages are dynamic? If this is made possible through css customization then I'm certainly interested.

  3. Nope, the other pages are all standard category/archive pages. What I'm doing is using CSS to turn a text widget into a navigation bar at the top.

    CSS lets you reposition, hide or show and elements on the page. So what I end up doing is stuffing my sidebar full of HTML and then using CSS to move it to other places on the page.

    This is the sidebar code:
    <span class="etnav"><a title="Latest posts" href="" class="home" title="//engtech"><span class="left"> </span><span class="mid">main</span><span class="right"> </span></a><br /> <a title="Original Articles" href="" class="category-engtecharticles"><span class="left"> </span><span class="mid">articles</span><span class="right"> </span></a><br /> <a title="Opinion Pieces" href="" class="category-engtechcommentary"><span class="left"> </span><span class="mid">opinion</span><span class="right"> </span></a><br /> <a title="Posts About Blogging" href="" class="category-engtechblogging"><span class="left"> </span><span class="mid">blogging</span><span class="right"> </span></a><br /> <a title="Recommended Links" href="" class="category-engtechlinks"><span class="left"> </span><span class="mid">links</span><span class="right"> </span></a><br /> <a title="Summary Digests" href="" class="category-engtechdigest"><span class="left"> </span><span class="mid">digest</span><span class="right"> </span></a><br /> </span>

  4. Hi, Engtech.

    I am following your blog for some time and taking some ideas to personalize my blog. I was ignoring that we could personalize the blog to this level!

    I'm using Sandbox theme, like you. But in this time I have not been capable to move a text widget only with the CSS. You have put the html (thanks!), but i dont find the apropiate CSS code in your stylesheet. How to do this?

    I'm using CSS customized upgrade too, so, i'm going to put my blog here. I think that is a good idea to add the theme we are using, too, and to add the theme name to posts's tags.


  5. Blog:
    Theme: Sandbox (Minimalist style with left and right sidebars)

  6. One big warning. This is messy. I put it together with a lot of trial and error, so it's probably more complicated than it needs to be.

    /* This moves it from the sidebar to the header portion of my layout (using position, top and left), and adds some generic font styles */<br /> span.etnav {<br /> position:absolute;<br /> top:76px;<br /> left:0;<br /> font-size:25px;<br /> font-weight:bolder;<br /> line-height:30px;<br /> color:#fff;<br /> display:block;<br /> width:900px;<br /> border:0;<br /> margin:0;<br /> padding:10px 0 10px 10px;<br /> }<br /> /* Styling the links */<br /> span.etnav a {<br /> display:inline;<br /> width:auto;<br /> color:lightsteelblue;<br /> margin:0;<br /> padding:0;<br /> }<br /> /* Adds whitespace around the "buttons" */<br /> span.etnav a span {<br /> padding:4px 0;<br /> }<br /> /* Images for the buttons <br /> - split into middle/left/right portions<br /> - have to stylize the a, a:visited and a:hover<br /> */<br /> span.etnav a span.mid {<br /> color:lightsteelblue;<br /> background:black url('') repeat left top;<br /> padding:4px 2px;<br /> }<br /> span.etnav a span.left {<br /> background:black url('') no-repeat right top;<br /> }<br /> span.etnav a span.right {<br /> background:black url('') no-repeat left top;<br /> }<br /> span.etnav a:visited span.mid {<br /> color:lightsteelblue;<br /> background:black url('') repeat left top;<br /> }<br /> span.etnav a:visited span.left {<br /> background:black url('') no-repeat right top;<br /> }<br /> span.etnav a:visited span.right {<br /> background:black url('') no-repeat left top;<br /> }<br /> /* Gets a bit complicated here, this is where I say "if the category of the current page matches the category of the link, then make the button white */<br /> body.home a.home span.mid,body.category-engtecharticles a.category-engtecharticles span.mid,body.category-engtechcommentary a.category-engtechcommentary span.mid,body.category-engtechblogging a.category-engtechblogging span.mid,body.category-engtechlinks a.category-engtechlinks span.mid,body.category-engtechdigest a.category-engtechdigest span.mid,body.s-category-engtecharticles a.category-engtecharticles span.mid,body.s-category-engtechcommentary a.category-engtechcommentary span.mid,body.s-category-engtechblogging a.category-engtechblogging span.mid,body.s-category-engtechlinks a.category-engtechlinks span.mid,body.s-category-engtechdigest a.category-engtechdigest span.mid {<br /> color:#000;<br /> background:black url('') repeat left top;<br /> }<br /> /* There's 5-6 other corner cases for making the buttons white */

  7. I'm not really sure why I didn't use

    span.etnav a span.mid, span.etnav a:visited span.mid to shorten the code. I may have not known about it at the time.

  8. entomoagricola

    Ok, is a good idea to begin with the code :-)
    Thanks again!

  9. @ento: Very nice layout! I just checked it out.

  10. @engtech
    Thanks for answering my question in a way I understood. Thanks also for all that code {mumbo jumbo} designed to make it happen. :)

  11. Hi;
    My blog ( isn't that spectacular, but I'm pretty pleased with the way some small css changes have altered the way it looks.


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