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Show Off Your CSS Designs Here

  1. raincoaster gave a great suggestion, that we should have a thread where we can show off our css designs.

    i'm no css expert, but i'm right now using the greenery skin on sandbox, css thanks to devblog.

    i'd love to see what others have come up with. you might want to show an image of your css design so that others can see what it looks like even long after you've switched skins or themes.

  2. Hi sulz,
    reaper also ported this same theme last year after he ported ChinaRed. You will find links to these in the css customization forum along with other css customized theme skins.

  3. timethief: yea, he did port the theme but for some reason i couldn't get it to work. i asked for some help from devblog and he fixed those bugs right up, hence the credit. =)

  4. devblog is a gem, for sure :) I'm expecting you to change blog skins frequently now and wow all your readers with each new transformation. :)

  5. wow, such high expectations! (seriously.) =P i'm eyeing sunburntkamel's a laundry of hand-wringing apologies.

  6. bloggersanjida


    er, i thought you might like it.
    this is a site about css that i liked very much. never saw a website change into so many different kinds of beautiful 'costumes' so quick.

    css Zen Garden:
    The Beauty in CSS Design
    A demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.
    (excerpt from google search)

    hmm, i like this "dress as you like" game. perhaps i should try a non-wp platform to get some free css magic for myself...

  7. thanks shomoshor. i'll take a look at it, but i'm not sure if i can put it here because the code has to be ported into sandbox 0.6 for me to be able to use it (i'm not sure if i'm using the correct terms, just what i read around the forums that not all css can be implemented on blogs). does anyone else know about this?

  8. Pretty much anything you see can, in some way, be implemented using Sandbox, it's that flexible.

    I've seen a couple of the designs from csszengarden ported into sandbox and the authors have done a pretty damned good job too.

    I'm off out in a minute, but if I remember I will see if I can find the URLs for you. :)

  9. wait, does that mean i have use any css design searched over google? and here i was thinking it must be ported to sandbox etc etc before i can get it to work or stg...

  10. Sulz,

    Some time ago, we talk about CSS Zen Garden, remember? ;)

  11. I clearly recall the conversation ;)

  12. I created another skin for the sandbox. Since I'm a programmer, I'm trying to improve my design skills, thus, don't get surprised if my color theory is not that good. :D

    Please, Check it out and let me know what you think :)

  13. I'm not a pink and blue girl and have never been. I love autumn colours (gold, orange, rust, russet red, greens, browns). And that means I like the ones you used. Cool skin!

  14. Thanks TT. I changed the blue background to burgundyish and I think it looks better :)

  15. Devblog, that layout rocks!

  16. @devblog
    It's an improvement but IMHO it's a little too much on the red side.
    How about trying one that's leaning a little bit more to the rust side?

  17. that's pretty!

  18. Thanks guys!

    I've improved the comments backgrounds and changed the background to a more rusted color.

  19. @devblog
    Perfect - I love it. :)

  20. devblog: and i'm sure you remember me still not getting it, haha! anyway, that skin is very reminiscent of blix, neat and clean. i like the daisies, heh.

  21. Thanks everyone!

    If any of you is interested in using this skin, I'll be happy to share the CSS code. Just lemme know.

  22. I changed almost everything for misty look to give it a minamalist look that makes photos pop. That was the goal, anyway. I love the page structure and archiving of that theme, so that's why I went the CSS route.

    Leave a comment and say hi if you stop by!

  23. Very nice! I especially like the header. Neat effect.

  24. I did significant mod to the regulus theme. Check it out at
    If anyone needs the css code, i'll be happy to share it.

  25. Whoops, slippery fingers... but nice designs, everyone! :-)

  26. I did some rather limited CSSing of the already rather lovely Simpla theme:

  27. I just made a variation of the flowers skin.

  28. Dolfint,

    That theme looks gorgeous!

    Here's my redo of MistyLook with CSS.

  29. Thanks, nrepair! I appreciate your compliment.

    You did a great job on yours too!

    PS. Yeah, dolfint is my other username :D

  30. That's a nice theme, devblog. Perfect coordination and relaxing to look at. :-)


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