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  1. Oh yes!

  2. @devblog - that skin is gorgeous. The speech bubbles are truly wonderful.

  3. Thanks, ellaella!

  4. i made slight modifications to wank's xmas skin baubles to make it more christmassy. she used a white background but i wanted to be able to see the animated snow option wordpress recently enabled. a bit overkill but that's what my limited css knowledge can only do. at least i can see my snow, haha.

  5. More tweaks to my blog today.

  6. @Vivian
    Your blog is looking better and better everyday. I love the red title boxes. You are tempting me to switch back to The Journalist. ;)

  7. Thanks, TT!

  8. More tweaks. I think this is about it for me, except to change the picture in the corner.

  9. A new look for my page to ring in the New Year. Wouldn't it be great if we could have falling confetti instead of snow? :)

  10. nrepair: nice, so festive. =)

  11. Hello all,

    I'm a new CSS user. I got the basic CSS for my blog from (Baubles Theme) and then made some dramatic changes to it. It took me all day to do it! Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks :)

  12. ruhi: it's very different from baubles. thumbs up. =)

  13. sulz: thanks :) i tried to do something new because I love simple, white, 3 column themes.

  14. sulz: btw, I love that thin strip of "remove poverty" image that you have inserted. Is there any way you can tell me how to do that with my header? It's a noble cause.

  15. <div style="position:absolute;right:37px;top:0;width:163px;"><a href="" title="Founded by Bono U2 to aid poverty in Africa" target="_blank"><img border="0" src=" " alt="The ONE Campaign!"></a>

    there you go, just stick it in a text widget. if i'm not mistaken, is an initiative by bono of u2. =)

  16. sulz:

    Wow! That's so sweet of you. Thanks a ton!! :)

  17. you're most welcome. =)

  18. My CSS upgrade runs out at the end of this month. I intend to let it do so, thus locking in the current CSS until such time as I get the upgrade again, move the blog to a self-hosted site, or whatever.
    Any suggestions as to what further CSS tweaking I might do in the weeks while I still can?

  19. Allright, time for me to show off my blog.

    Using the excellent Diurnal by wank. Changed the sidebar per help of devblog and rosclarke.

    Changed the header height as per help of myself. Changed a few other things as well which took me forever to figure out!

    I'm still scared I'm breaking things whenever I edit something even if I save the whole thing in a document before editing it!

    Not too sure what I want with the header, I'll have to think about that, but at the moment I'll keep it this way and that it matches the 'quotes'.

    Anyways, that's me!

  20. your new look is very marshmallowy. =P i could hardly read your tagline though, is that deliberate?

  21. Nope. Infact, don't look at my blog. Looks like I was too early to congratulate myself as I broke loads of stuff.

    And considering that my cats are running riot I'm far too annoyed to fix it now.

    Just disregard my last post for now. :)

  22. Oh and it's still Diurnal, changing several times a day, so that's only the morning look. :)

  23. haha, okay, will be looking out here for your blog's 'beta' version. =P

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