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Show only parent categories

  1. Is there a way to have the sidebar show only the parent categories? I'm using the Rubric theme; if I can do this in Rubric great -- if not, if there's another theme that will do it, I'd like to know about it.

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  3. The only way we can currently is if you copy and paste the categories out of the output of the category widget and place it within a text widget while modifying the code. Feel free to suggest this feature via feedback though. It's come up before.

  4. :)

    Bummer -- I'm already using a text widget for something else, and there's only one available. Maybe I'll try to format it to look like two sidebar items but stick both in the one text widget. I'll try to remember to mention it when feedback is working again.

  5. Unless you've already used up 8 of them and it doesn't look like you have to me, you can have up to 9 text widgets. -> Presentation - >Widgets scroll down the page under Categories Widgets and you will find where you can create more text widgets.

  6. Depends just what your after really. I'f you just want to cut down on the number of categories showing, you could just make the categories widget display them as a drop down menu, that way all the categories are hidden until you press the button.

  7. Timethief, I can't believe I've never seen that before. Duh! And thanks!

    Tiamat, the drop down isn't what I want. I want a small number of main categories to show on the sidebar, but I want to keep my subcategory tags on the posts. The second text widget idea will work great.

  8. Feedback's working this morning just for reference.

  9. What I ended up doing is using a text widget to list the parent categories, then using the categories widget with drop down for a complete but tidy list.

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