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    I may/want to use this blog for project management. The pages relate to the committees – I need 6 plus home(?) All won’t/don’t show in the header at the same time. I assume it is because I am violating the width with too much up there -…and I know it is not the cool way…it is just necessary.
    If I had the choice I would decrease the font size of the page tabs to squeeze them in….but I can’t…maybe or can I? Any better ideas or something obvious I am not doing or getting?

    The blog I need help with is


    Please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here – or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky “8 Things to Know“. We cannot help you without that.



    I thought I saw that it was somehow…sorry.



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    That’s the problem with Digg3: when you have too many pages they don’t all appear. If you know CSS (and buy the upgrade), perhaps you can change the font size of the titles. I’m using that theme and don’t like the look of those ugly tabs, but CSS is beyond me. The page widget is fine for me.

    You might consider a static front page. Make the committees into child pages and put their links on the front page.


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    I forgot to mention that child pages don’t show in the navigation bar, which is why the page widget works for me.


    The theme you’re using is defective in that respect: as you’ve probably noticed, the second row of header tabs gets hidden behind the header image. But actually several themes are designed with one row of tabs in mind: in my opinion, having many header tabs isn’t very elegant or very practical.

    Two solutions: Switch to a theme that properly displays more than one row of tabs. Or, create a suitably named “parent” page and turn all the others into “child” pages to it: as Tess says, the header displays parent pages only, but your Pages widget will display all pages.


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    Thanks, as always. More concise than I.

    I suggested the static front page in case there was a need to very obviously direct readers to the specific pages meant especially for them.



    I think I’ve made the changes you (both) suggested. But, I still have a tab entitled “Home” and then the one I made which I called (so creatively…”Committee Pages”). It makes sense to me that the template creates a “home page”…but I can’t seem to make it the parent page…and it is not cool. Is there a way to convert the home page to the parent page?


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    I wish. But if there is a way to do it, I haven’t found it.
    I’d change themes, but I like that it’s wider than other 3 column themes here, plus it supports custom excerpts for archive pages. You can even add images to the excerpts.


    “Home” is hard-coded into the theme and you cannot edit it in any way: it’s not a page such as those you create, but a navigation tab to direct you back to the FRONT of your blog, whatever that is (either your main posts area or a static front page). If you don’t like it, you can only switch to a theme with no built-in Home (or “Front” or “Blog”) tab.


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    Right, but the OP (and I) want to eliminate the “Committees” page (or in my case “Essential to Know).

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