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    Sorry to bother but i don’t know how to solve this matter.
    I want to know if is there any special option to turn rss feed for for my blog or it is like i read somewhere on the internet, i mean that any wordpress blog can get “feed” feature just by adding “feed” word at the end of the blog address?
    I have added my blog to a rss reader and i don’t know why my all posts appear with WordPress image below my post, and other blogs are able to get their images through reader.
    It’s about a smartphone app which read the content of the blog through a rss reader feature.
    Whenever i add my blog address the posts are shown without the images.
    If i add any other blog the picture are shown. Is there any special feature that i may select or do i need to upgrade my blog account for this feature?

    Here is what i am talking about:

    Example of loaded images

    Example of unloaded images

    The blog I need help with is

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