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    From searching the support forums, it seems that whether the time of the post is shown depends entirely on your theme, is that correct? I just want to make sure, since it seems like an easy/useful feature to allow all users to decide upon. I am using Ocean Mist by Ed Merritt. Is there any way to show the timestamp on my posts? Thanks.



    no idea sorry

    i hate the time thing
    i never know what time im looking at!
    is it gmt time for all bloggers on WP?
    American time or what?
    or does the time that shows up reflect the time zone we live in?

    i have been told by the person who seems to be in charge of the support page that they will not put the milli time of their open/office times but he will add the zone time for australia [who pressumably are on the other side of the planet to him!]
    thats great for australia!
    still bloody confusing to the rest of us who are time challenged

    i’m trying to get wp to use a milli day time with the usual zone times

    i like the idea that all time that shows up anywhere shows one clock time only

    initially it will be difficult to adjust to!
    tea break = 421 in South africa
    500 in the uk
    008 in the us

    hope you get sorted

    just a thought enter a comment on your blog approve it and see what time shows up

    i can’t take a look from here for you as your user name url ie your blog isn’t activated

    milliday time = 1000 unit day =24 hrs


    @Eurythmic—> Yes, Time Stamp is specific to theme. You may be able to show timestamp on any theme if you get the CSS upgrade.

    @ Helen—-> I’m not sure I understand what’s confusing about WP posted time, for support hours. It’s the same hours everyday, it doesn’t fluctuate. So would not it just require you to just figure out the time zone difference, just once, and then you’d always know when they’re open within your own time zone? Like for me, it’s 3 hours difference. So, I look at the time they’re open and instead of it being 8a-4p, it’s 11a-7p, for me. It doesn’t change. It’s the same everyday.



    thanx for yr input
    i know about time zones but i don’t know which time zone WP are in!
    if i did i could with a bit of effort to find a zone conversion site & work it out
    life to me is to be made a simple as possible to save everyone, all over the planet time and having to do maths!
    just tell me where word press are based or which time zone they work from
    i only know greenwich mean time
    once the american east and west or central time zones are mentioned i switch off!


    It says pacific time and I think it’s established that that’s the United States :) Anywhoo’s, this thread isn’t about us, it’s about answering this person’s question about timestamping :)



    it did mention time in the title:)

    pacific time – that’s exactly what i mean
    i live in Africa what the heck is pacific time?!
    Greenwich meeeeen time is 0 degrees longitude
    what’s pacific time at! New York or San Francisco?
    now i have to go and find a map!


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    thanx what a darlink you are!
    and yr food looks d licious!


    See! There’s always someone with the answer, heleneodette! Sorry if my response seemed crass. I re-read and can see where it may’ve come across that way. Hope you’re having a good Monday, or maybe it’s already Tuesday where you are! :P



    Diamondfistwerny – So if I’m pretty fond of my theme, I’d have to spend money to show the timestamp of the post? What a strange/inconvenient design. Thanks for the confirmation, though.

    Heleneodette – I’m glad you solved your problem!



    sorry if i seemed to get carried away with my zone/time difficulties
    i assumed that you’d been sorted by, d fist
    are you going to change your theme?
    there are quite a few to choose from
    would like to see your site but as yr link isn’t activated can’t!
    i managed to put an animated widget with all the others
    i gaze in wonderment at the widgets other have put on their blogs
    it’s rather like collecting trophies!
    I’ve just realised i need to put a search gizmo on mine
    as i had a client wanting to see a pic i have on my site and i couldn’t find it!
    not sure of my theme/design allows for it
    tootle pip



    How do I add timestamp on every post entries? Thanks.




    Does anyone have a free theme that is available with timestamp?



    ALL themes at are free. You are in the wrong forum, I think, and need to be at

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