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    I have the twenty eleven theme. I hate how the layout changes when you go to a post. It becomes only one column. and I’ve done like is said in the theme description, create a page with showcase template and then assign it as the front page. It works for the home page of the blog, but I can’t assign it as a front page to the post-pages, which is what I want! Do I have to change theme?

    The blog I need help with is



    The Showcase template in Twenty Eleven is a Page template which you can set as the front page of your site. That’s how this theme’s showcase template works.

    Did you read the description and how to use the Showcase template on the theme’s Theme Showcase page?

    Also see:


    Yes I’ve checked all that. But here when you go to a certain post there is no sidebar! And it people find my blog by a link to a post, they will only read the post and then leave! I want to have a sidebar! Do I have to change theme?



    IOf you wiash to have a sidear of single post pages then you need to select a theme that’s coded to have one. Twenty Eleven si coded not to have a sidebar on single posts (Twenty Eleven).



    I’m sorry about that fumbled fingered mess above. The Twenty Eleven theme is bot coded to have a sidebar on single posts displayed on their own pages.


    That sucks! hate to change theme again! and I love the big header, menu, scroll to infinity…



    I don’t feel the same way about sidebars on single post pages that you do and I despise infite scrolling. Different strokes for different folks. :) Here’s the link to the Themes Showcase.

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