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    Hi all,

    I apologize as I know this question comes up a lot it seems – I’ve read through other posts about finding your forum posts, and to click on your user name to find them – I had posted an entry in the Blog Showcase earlier today, and I can’t seem to find it now. When I look under my activity, it shows no recent activity. Any other thoughts? I’m sure it’s something I’m doing. Thanks very much.


    The blog I need help with is


    What is the URL of your blog please?



    Interesting – after I posted this entry, this one definitely shows up when I click on the “Member” under my name. I must have been seeing things, as I was fairly certain I saw my post come up on the list when I originally posted it in the Blog showcase … wierd.



    It is


    I don’t know if this is the issue or not, but your username is not linked to your blog here, and the showcase is for blogs hosted here.

    Change the site linked to your username to your blog here (users > your profile) and then make another post and see if it shows up.

    My username is linked to my self-hosted blog, and as such I cannot post comments on (the official blog for wordpress.COM) and it may be that they are making the same check with the showcase.



    Thanks for the feedback :)

    I checked my user profile, and it does indeed have as my primary blog. Also, it is hosted here at (thus the part). In addition, as I mentioned, this post is showing up under my forum activity … just not the other one.


    If I click on your username, it has , not your wordpress.COM blog URL.


    And I’m not talking about your “primary blog” I’m talking about the link in the “website field toward the bottom of the profile page.

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